TTV - Another World - Papineni Sivasankar

రెండో ప్రపంచం
పాపినేని శివశంకర్

When fate delivered a death blow,
Poetry alone was the touch of solace to me.
When drought left my heart parched,
It was the drop of first rain.
I speak only in Poetry - I have no other tongue
Nor another breath.

As I tore myself open, sprouting
From the random seed tossed by someone
Onto this magnificent cosmic field,
Even as I truly discovered my being,
Even as I nurtured that young tender self,
Even as I pulled the soul out from the cocoon of the body
And bathed it in the fiery waterfalls of thoughts and passions,
Even as I struggled to protect my belief from the
Assault from swords of doubt,
Even as I plunged headlong to struggle against the outer world,
Even as I chisel me into I, you and us - then, right then,
I became a poet.

What is poetry?
It is but a man bursting into cold fire
It is to excavate valor and kindness from under human ruins
It is to embrace with words the powers supporting this earth
It is to pour life into the green blood of life's branches
Being hacked by blunt axes     
It is the spaceship of imagination,
Launched from mind and navigated by creation,
Reaching the foundation at last.
It is to feel the pulse of time spreading through the earth
It is to focus into a point the state and dynamics of world-scene
It is but exaltation of life itself
In the throes of death, Poetry is new life                .
The flaming melody played on nerve strings
In the confluence and conflict of words, it is an explosion of emotion.                
What except poetry can touch life? Stimulate it?
What else can unveil the rhythm of creation?
Both true and false, both happy and sad                
Such poetry do I speak                
Without which I'll be blind, inhuman,                
.. I become that in full!                
I live poetry
I poetize life                
And when I am not poetry, I die.

Dr. Papineni Sivasankar is a senior contemporary poet actively writing now. He is also a short story writer, editor and publisher. Retired as college lecturer in Telugu near Guntur, AP. A philosophical gaze penetrating into obscure corners of human nature, an unshaken belief in human ability for charity and kindness, and a firm resolve for the rights of children (and all the little creatures of the planet) are characteristics and constant themes of Sivasankar's writings. He edits and publishes, along with Vasireddi Naveen, the annual "katha" series - a collection of 10 - 15 good quality short stories published in various Telugu magazines each year.  He also edited a representative collection poems from the 80's "కవితా ఓ కవితా" (Poesy, Oh Poesy!) and several other poetry anthologies. Today's selection is the lead poem in a slim collection of 32 of his poems titled "ఒక సారాంశం కోసం" (For a synopsis) published in 1990.

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