Invitation to blog - in English, please

There's this collaborative blog site called Language Place

There is a theme of the month.
This month's theme is Meeting the Other

Each monthly issue is put together by a guest editor.
This month's editor is my friend Abha Iyengar.

So, what do you need to do?
Write a piece on the theme - prose/poem/fiction/musings - your choice.
It's got to be in English, please.
Publish it in your own blog.
Submit the link to langplace AT gmail DOT com

You have to get it in by April 30th.
Good luck and happy writing.


ఏంటో అప్పుడే అరచేతుల్లో,మునేళ్ళకీ దురద మొదలయ్యింది :)
But meeting whom ? enlighten me plz