ID theft in blogs

Some new items came to my notice since I published this post this morning. So, I am republishing this post with some significant additions. Please read carefully.

This has come to my notice just now. There was at least one comment that appeared on "Newjings" blog yesterday under my ID which was not written by me.
Take a look here.
It has the appearance of being written by me.
If you click on the ID, it will take you to my profile page.
And note the deliberately insulting tone of the comment.

It looks like the work of the original miscreants or some minor offshoots to deliberately and systematically vilify my name.
However, I am confident that they will not succeed.
So, mud on their face(s)!
As our northern brothers say on their lorries,
"bure nazar wale .. teraa munh kaalaa!!"

Let this be a caution to all bloggers .. please keep monitoring the comments feeds to make sure that you are not targets of such scams.
Please take a look at these two screen shots.

The first one is Blogger default. It allows many choices for commenting. For someone with a criminal bent of mind, it is not difficult to impersonate an existing blogger, if a blog has open comments setting like this.

The second one allows only "authenticated" comments. That means that the commenting person must have an ID and password and enter them to be able to comment. The entered ID may be a pseudonym but it prevents someone else from easily assuming your identity.

Comment moderation allows yet another level of security for the blogger from filtering out unwanted comments from appearing in his/her blog.

If you are a blogger, please spend some time to understand at least these basics of blog security.

An informed blogger is a happy blogger.
If you find hateful or harsh or otherwise incendiary comments in your blog, please take a moment to consider before you react.
Most important of all .. don't be scared by all this .. keep blogging!
I take this opportunity to make the following announcement:
1. From now on, I will comment only on blogs that require some authentication. If your blog allows anonymous comments, you can rest assured I will not comment in it.

2. If any one receives a private e-mail claiming to be from కొత్తపాళీ .. please note this - my email shows my original name in English script. It does not show కొత్తపాళీ in Telugu script.

3. Just for this one post, I am not going to publish any comments. Thank you.